Themes of conferences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE)

We work together to define a precise definition of your needs so as to brief your chosen speaker in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and thus ensure your total satisfaction.

Whatever the sector, we commit to having the right speaker who will be able to help you make the difference in your chosen market. Whether your questions concern motivation, management, the economy, what the future holds, or whether you wish to focus on more precise issues, such as medicine/health, sales or innovation, we are able to propose a made-to-measure conference fully adapted to your requirements.



Motivational Speakers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Motivation is the key of success What remains immutable is the impact that a committed employee has on your performance. The target of our motivational speakers in Dubai and ABU DHABI with motivation conferences is to use their skill and power to enable your employees to go that extra mile. We select the motivational speakers who can speak in Dubai or Abu dabi from their experience. At various crucial moments in their lives, they have been able to prove the direct consequential link that exists between motivation, associated with mental preparation, and success. Individual motivation We are able to taylor made the conference and its interactions with the motivational speaker so that the benefit becomes personal to each one of your employees. Collective motivation (Team building in Dubai and Abu Dhabi) Depending on your needs, we can also help the speaker so that he can strengthen the bonds and working relationships between your employees. JeanTroilletChoose this speakerLouisDerungsChoose this speakerTinaMazeChoose this speakerLucAlphandChoose this speakerMathieuRebeaudChoose this speakerNicolasHale WoodsChoose this speakerIsabelleMusyChoose this speakerAndréBorschbergChoose this speakerCélineVan TillChoose this speakerNilsFreiChoose this speakerMélanieAstlesChoose this speakerNaylaAl KhajaChoose this speakerLoad more

Our dedicated Speakers in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE)

To remain competitive, every employee must be aware about Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Understanding the Swiss economic and financial environment enables taking a targeted approach to the market. Of course, as an already seasoned player in your particular market, you have a well-informed view of the situation. But what would you say to having a renowned expert’s view?   Our conferences concerning the economy and financial scenes, either Swiss or international, are personalised to suit your particular sector. Our speakers in this area are fully compliant with the situation in your sector and are able to give you an up-to-date and informed insight as to how the conjuncture will impact your company or organisation. Latest economic situation We are able to guide the conference and its interactions with the speaker very specifically on the trends associated with the business model changes taking place in your market segment.   Latest financial news Depending on your needs, we can have the speaker tailor his approach so that you will be able to understand the necessary strategic positioning which can help you gain extra market share.   BenHammersleyChoose this speakerAntoineVerdonChoose this speakerVincentPignonChoose this speakerRaphaëlDomjanChoose this speakerMarwanMeryChoose this speakerLoad more

Conferences with dedicated Speakers in Leadership and management in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE)

The leadership mentality your managers can successfully drive your employees to the success! Some people have an innate sense of leadership, whereas others need to acquire it! Our Leadership speakers are leaders who are renowned in the economic world in Switzerland and who have frequently acquired international prestige. Being able to benefit from their leadership experience is a rare and real opportunity. Leadership We can guide the conference and the interactions with the speaker so that there is a significant impact on the function and leadership mentality of your managers. Management Depending on your requirements, we can also orient the speaker so that he can help to reinforce your existing management tools. GéraldineFasnachtChoose this speakerEdgarGrospironChoose this speakerLucAlphandChoose this speakerTinaMazeChoose this speakerPhilippeMoreillonChoose this speakerMathieuRebeaudChoose this speakerFrançoisEggerChoose this speakerLoad more

Speakers Science and medicine in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Be at the forefront of the latest scientific and medical trends! Science and medicine are two areas where there is uninterrupted development. Research is redesigning the scientific approach and new technologies are completely revolutionising scientists’ methods. All these trends need to be taken on board and understood in order to remain competitive in your sector, be that in Switzerland or elsewhere. How do all these innovations create new markets? That’s the question that our speakers are able to answer. During the conference you will be able to discuss with µin the industry or service sector to which you belong and thus obtain a clear insight into the latest innovations and their potential impact in your area. Research We would need to define together the research areas which are important for you and in which you wish to be coached and informed. Medicine Depending on your requirements, it will be possible to arrange for an expert in the medical or scientific field that most concerns you to respond to all your questions. Selon vos besoins, il sera possible de programmer un expert du médical ou scientifique, qui pourra répondre à toutes vos questions. BertrandPiccardChoose this speakerPhilippeMoreillonChoose this speakerMarcTuriaultChoose this speakerLaurentAlexandreChoose this speakerSamahKarakiChoose this speakerLoad more

Speakers about Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Our conferences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi about Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain To prepare you for what the future holds with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, our conferences will be run by speakers specialising in the digital perspective. Get ready for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Our speakers can help you prepare for the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain so that you make the right decisions for your organization, define the most effective marketing direction and develop the products and services that are likely to suit the markets of tomorrow. Master the digital world and its novel applications UNOME Dubai offers conferences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE) run by experts in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. TaïgKhrisChoose this speakerAntoineVerdonChoose this speakerTaissa ThierryChavesChoose this speakerVincentPignonChoose this speakerStéphaneMallardChoose this speakerLaurentAlexandreChoose this speakerBertrandPiccardChoose this speaker