Conférences de Louis Derungs sur la motivation, la philosophie et le bien-être au travail par UnoMe le Swiss Speakers' Bureau

Louis Derungs fell victim to a tragic accident at the age of 19 when he was struck bya powerful electric shock. After spending several days in a coma and having both, arms amputated, Louis woke up to find that he had also lost the use of both, legs,which he fortunately managed to regain after six months of therapy.

Miraculously still alive, Louis decided to take something positive from his accident and to share his experiences as asurvivor. Taking numerous training courses, he worked hard to maximise his skills, going on to design and develop a series of tools.

Prototyping and experimentation were to become the spearheads of his work and not a single one of histheories has not been put to the test. This way of taking back control of his life has made Louis all the more stronger, aided by a philosophy that has driven him to instill independence, courage and hope in others.

Louis channels his motivation and personal development techniques through various activities, which include:

  • Writing a fashion blog
  • Travelling and putting the five languages he speaks into practice
  • Conferences for TED Talks (see opposite) and for various businesses
  • Offering hypnotherapy at a practice he runs in collaboration with a child psychiatrist. He is also building a start-up in this area, introducing virtual reality to make life more comfortable for sufferers of chronic and phantom limb pain
  • Writing and publishing his first book « 15,000 volts » in which he recounts his experiences, offering hope and inspiration and sharing his mantra: always believe in the impossible
  • Taking part in sporting exploits, such as the Marathon des Sables, known to be one of the toughest endurance events in the world, and putting his mindfulness theories into practice to overcome his chronic pain over a 42,195 km course

At only 22, Louis Derungs displays an impressive degree of maturity and strength, challenging life’s obstacles through his positivity and courage.

Learn from a Man Who Knows How to Face Life's Setbacks Head-on

Far from being fatalistic, Louis has taken a philosophical approach to his accident and has discovered amazing new opportunities along the way. What he has gained from this serious injury is an unfailing motivation to live an extraordinary life.The most tragic events often give way to profound introspection, opening up innovative paths for personal development.

Louis Derungs would love to share his philosophy on life with you and talk about the opportunities it can bring, at a UnoMe tailor-made conference.

Conference Themes

Well-being at Work
Philosophy and Forecasting
Individual and Collective Motivation



  • Author of « 15,000 volts – Une méthode pour s’accomplir, un récit de résilience », published by Favre Favre
  • Personal resilience challenge: cycling 100 km a day for 6 days along the Oregon Coast (USA)

2016 – television appearances:

  • Salut les terriens
  • Pardonnez-moi, with Monsieur Rochebin
  • Mille et une vies, with Frédéric Lopez


  • Putting mindfulness in practice: Marathon des Sables (Morocco) to test 6 months of preparation under the varied conditions of the competition and to validate his work on nutrition and mind control over physical pain, brought on as much by burnt nerves as by the effort needed to complete a race covering more than 245 km!
  • Collaboration with a major Swiss bank at a property exhibition, giving a talk on the topic: « Can we acquire resilience once and for all? The four keys to resilience ».
  • Conferences for the international virtual reality forum at Crans-Montana, south-west Switzerland, entitled « VR innovation: Could VR become a health, assistant? ».
  • Talk for a major Swiss bank in Yverdon-les-Bains on the topic: « Resilience: a journey rather than a destination in itself ».
  • Motivational talk for Swiss football team FC Sion.
  • Talk on the theme of innovation for Swiss local energy services supplier SIG.


Speaking at TEDx Talks